Morgan is a freelance stylist living in New York, but spends her time in other people’s minds.  Style inspires her to understand what aspects of our personalities we try to express through clothing and how best to amplify those traits.

Morgan is also an experienced consumer insights analyst, helping brands create relevant marketing and communications strategies.  She believes no matter how complex the world becomes, we act and consume to fulfill base human desires.  It’s those universal motivations that drive us, connect us, and allow us to appreciate a good story.  

In that vein, Morgan’s styling work is informed by her ability to relate and empathize with different archetypes.  Her favorite: The Explorer, expressed through an aesthetic uniquely balanced between grit and sophistication that comes from a “seen it all” attitude and choosing to live just outside what's expected.  Morgan's characters live by their own morals and have evolved by doing the things that scare them most: they are tough, passionate, and never boring.